Dark Hardwood vs. Light Hardwood

When it comes to hardwood flooring, everyone has their own unique opinion about what type looks best in their home. Here at Unique Floor Design Center our general rule of thumb is this: coordinate dark walls with bright, light hardwood flooring or light walls with dark, rich hardwood flooring. But even this rule doesn’t always apply-  we’ve seen some examples that have proven us wrong!


What’s the right tone for you? Well, there are a few things you may need to consider:

• If you have a bigger home, it’s much easier to successfully get away with darker floors. Dark floors tend to make a space look smaller.
• Do you have a busy household? Lighter floors will visibly show track marks a lot quicker than dark floors. However, dark floors will easily show dust.
• Do you have pets? If so, what is the color of their hair? Consider matching your hardwood flooring with your pets hair to reduce visible mess.
• How much light does your house get? If it doesn’t get that much natural light, then light colored floors may be the best option.

Which colored wood is easier to keep clean? As we said above, both floors will show dirt/dust in different ways. If you decide on dark wood flooring and are concerned about dust, opt for a lighter dark wood such as jacobean or dark walnut over ebony. Also, choosing a satin finish will reduce the sight of scratches and imperfections.

What hardwood colors are trending right now? In the DC area (as we like to call it, the DMV – DC, Maryland, Virginia), we have noticed that requests for gray and dark colors in oak, maple, and LVP (vinyl) are on the rise.

If you can’t decide, and are a natural risk taker, why not try both? Creating a beautiful pattern of light and dark wood flooring can be eye catching and a real design statement! Make sure to consult with your contractor about what options make the best sense for your home.

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